Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Will you hold my hand?

                         Some people struggle so hard everyday,  pretend to be what they are not, steal, kill, lie, all in a bid to fill that void in their hearts, some sing songs, buy luxuries, starve and even bleach themselves only to impress and be accepted by their loved ones, peers and even onlookers. 

                        But you have loved me unconditionally with no strings attached,  you have accepted me for who I am, never asked me to be what am not. Never cared that my clothes weren't stylish because with girls appearance is everything,  you have taught me the true meaning of friendship, the true meaning of what it actually means to care about someone. Something I never knew how to do because you cannot give away something you do not possess. You were always by my side when i needed you, always made me smile, always honest with me even when it hurt the most and never hit about the bush.
                       You understand my personality and know how to deal with me, didn't let what anyone said about me true or false get in the way of our friendship and neither did I. I learnt how to share by watching you constantly share the little you have, not bearing in mind how hungry you will get a few hours from then. You make me laugh a lot more than i need to, its so much fun to be around you and just like birds , no matter how high we fly we always come down eventually.
                        We are strikers in this field of friendship and it was never our intention to score for another team. We have fought a lot in the past even Didi and Dexter had nothing on us. I could have sworn I would never stand by you yet here we are, here we are holding hands.
                        Got you in serious trouble in the past and so have you, I have lied for you,  you have lied for me, always defend you when you're in the wrong never want harm to come your way and you have done the same for me. You stand by me, i stand by you, you fight for me, I fight for you, this is a battle field and we decide when to cease fire it's who we are, when we do drink and you slap me, i slap you back, you yell at me, i yell at you and when it's all said and done we just hug it out.
                            Never thought I would have a friend like you, I consider you to be my trophy, my favorite cup of tea. To my father up in heaven, I thank you for my dear friend I know she isn't  perfect, neither am I, thank you for allowing the days of your lives to lie ahead as we enjoy the gift of friendship that you have thrust upon us.

                                             "To God be the Glory"
                                          I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.