Wednesday, 18 November 2015


                         We get criticized a lot by most people because to them we come off as young without anything valuable to offer, they trash our ideas, applications, quotations, why? Is it because your older than us and some how we should feel intimated by you? Or you think the experience you have acquired throughout the years makes you obviously more qualified and intelligent than us?
Are we supposed to stay mute when some people utter total ignorance while we watch and listen because we are young and our opinion some how doesn't count, if you ask me there's obviously a misconception that age depicts maturity. 

                        The other night on the news, I listened as a caller embarrassed and discarded the ideas of the youngest member of Parliament  who was 18years old at the time citing that, "she was young and had no right to hold that position and proceeded to say, she must be in bed because it was bed time".
I couldn't help but wonder how oblivious some people can be, just because you didn't  know any better when you were younger, gives you no right to assume the rest of the world was or is like you. Is it jealousy that makes you act like that? Or are you just mad at yourself for not having accomplished what they are accomplishing when you were their age. 

                    And then the same person has the audacity to say they want the world to become a better place because the unemployment rate is high especially among the youth. The irony!
Considering you look down on us, categorizing most of us as naive and uninformed before you even get to know us. Practice what you preach because your not doing us any justice.
And not to forget internship, a vital requirement before graduation, true I agree, but some of my friends failed to graduate, reason?
Most companies didn't offer internships claiming they didn't have time to train or because they didn't have space but look around you, how many companies that take on interns actually have space, they are just a few.

                    Considering most interns aren't even paid a minimum wage in most cases and all they want in return is on job training, experience and skills, you see, at that moment you have their degree in your hands and it's upon you to decide whether to make the path smooth or rough for them. I guess it's true then, that society does play a big role in the upbringing of a child. 

                        But don't just sit there and criticize the youth for lacking purpose and vision yet you the very people whether young or old who could help change the odds through counseling and providing help, choose to take a back seat and watch events unroll and that's just sad because in life we all need a push sometimes to realize our potential. No man is an island.
                       I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.