Friday, 24 June 2016

The untold secrets to my love!

                  You. Yes you in the corner with your head down low. 
Are you serious? For real are you serious? You know how bad I want you yet you prefer I run after you. Hide and seek It seems. I mean how long do I have to subject my delicate heart to this game! Bearing in mind I am not one to play games like that.

             You have me writing a short poem for you, hoping to lure you my way. My dear success story I am eagerly waiting for your arrival. No. I am not patient any longer I would be lying If I said was.

            Sleepless nights have become my portion with thoughts of you reverberating so loud in my head. I lose track of time as I turn aimlessly in my bed only to wake up to the empty side of it,
 wondering when you will come my way! Where are you anyway?

              You ought to know. I want to be more than just an acquaintance because you and I make a perfect combination, not a cliché.  Far from it. Allow yourself to feel the touch of my soft hands against yours, as we take East Africa by storm. I promise I will be the best companion, no need to be afraid.

              Do not worry yourself with insecurities about my other ambitions. You will always take center stage in my life. I will be compelled to learn Swahili If I have to, just to have a stronger bond with you.  Trust me I am not lying.
              I know a lot of people disappoint you, say they cherish you, lie! Work harder for you, lie! My dear success story I will let my actions speak louder than my words because I don't what to have my cake and eat it too.  
Whatever that means!

              Let me lean on you, share with you my darkest secrets, take you on a tour of my life, as I shamefully justify my reasons for being an introvert. 
Tell you what I am about because I know I need you more than you need me. After  all. You are who you are. Success! A king or queen in your own narrative and I am just a loyal subject devoted to your cause.

       Until I am summoned in your
         Presence.  I remain yours truly
    Sarah kahunde. 


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Dearest!!!

                     We are puzzles.

                We are puzzles characterized by human nature,
comprised of different shapes, colors and complexity.
Triggering our minds to crack them, solve them, and salvage them.
You’re familiar with our faces of course. Does that necessitate  
you know us? No, because we are who we are "puzzles".

                  Some people never
  know our essence, impact and relevance. I like to
believe that we are all wounded souls embarking on a journey
to redeem ourselves, find solace, acceptance and respect, all
of which are embedded in LOVE. The nervous system of our
 entire existence, the greatest gift of mankind yet so
 controversial because most times the seekers do not even know
  what they’re seeking for.

                   We all have issues we fight on a daily
 basis, they crawl on us, we have not the ability or strength
to shake them off sometimes, leaving us prone to extreme
vulnerability call that the battle of the mind, the process
seems slow but eventually we take charge, I said the process
 seems slow but still we rise.

                    Then comes the skeletons in the closest
 covered in black lace, you can see them but only partially
 far from vivid and soon their existence with us begins to
 blur as they blend in and dwell in the lies we tell
 ourselves compelling our hearts to compromise, lament and
 despair ultimately opening the flood gates of insecurities in
 almost every aspect of our lives.

                      Life in the wild it
  seems, as the beast in some people comes out. Agitation
getting the best of them, survival for the fittest becomes
theme of  day as they take turns picking on anyone weak or
strong, tall or short trying to prove their worth and
 manpower hoping it will somehow pull the trigger and put a
 bullet in the emptiness they feel. Only to be humiliated and
 left completely hopeless in a pool of thoughts contemplating
 about what could have been.

                        So the next time you see him or
 her judge not what you see on the surface, some burdens are
too big to carry, to see, to watch, to listen to. Think not of
yourself only even when your ego is weighing you down, take a
second say a prayer to redeem yourself and your friends,    
redeem us O Lord from our sins, lead us not into
temptation and deliver us from all evil and proceed to claim 
your place in us. Take a second say a prayer!

             I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


                         We get criticized a lot by most people because to them we come off as young without anything valuable to offer, they trash our ideas, applications, quotations, why? Is it because your older than us and some how we should feel intimated by you? Or you think the experience you have acquired throughout the years makes you obviously more qualified and intelligent than us?
Are we supposed to stay mute when some people utter total ignorance while we watch and listen because we are young and our opinion some how doesn't count, if you ask me there's obviously a misconception that age depicts maturity. 

                        The other night on the news, I listened as a caller embarrassed and discarded the ideas of the youngest member of Parliament  who was 18years old at the time citing that, "she was young and had no right to hold that position and proceeded to say, she must be in bed because it was bed time".
I couldn't help but wonder how oblivious some people can be, just because you didn't  know any better when you were younger, gives you no right to assume the rest of the world was or is like you. Is it jealousy that makes you act like that? Or are you just mad at yourself for not having accomplished what they are accomplishing when you were their age. 

                    And then the same person has the audacity to say they want the world to become a better place because the unemployment rate is high especially among the youth. The irony!
Considering you look down on us, categorizing most of us as naive and uninformed before you even get to know us. Practice what you preach because your not doing us any justice.
And not to forget internship, a vital requirement before graduation, true I agree, but some of my friends failed to graduate, reason?
Most companies didn't offer internships claiming they didn't have time to train or because they didn't have space but look around you, how many companies that take on interns actually have space, they are just a few.

                    Considering most interns aren't even paid a minimum wage in most cases and all they want in return is on job training, experience and skills, you see, at that moment you have their degree in your hands and it's upon you to decide whether to make the path smooth or rough for them. I guess it's true then, that society does play a big role in the upbringing of a child. 

                        But don't just sit there and criticize the youth for lacking purpose and vision yet you the very people whether young or old who could help change the odds through counseling and providing help, choose to take a back seat and watch events unroll and that's just sad because in life we all need a push sometimes to realize our potential. No man is an island.
                       I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Will you hold my hand?

                         Some people struggle so hard everyday,  pretend to be what they are not, steal, kill, lie, all in a bid to fill that void in their hearts, some sing songs, buy luxuries, starve and even bleach themselves only to impress and be accepted by their loved ones, peers and even onlookers. 

                        But you have loved me unconditionally with no strings attached,  you have accepted me for who I am, never asked me to be what am not. Never cared that my clothes weren't stylish because with girls appearance is everything,  you have taught me the true meaning of friendship, the true meaning of what it actually means to care about someone. Something I never knew how to do because you cannot give away something you do not possess. You were always by my side when i needed you, always made me smile, always honest with me even when it hurt the most and never hit about the bush.
                       You understand my personality and know how to deal with me, didn't let what anyone said about me true or false get in the way of our friendship and neither did I. I learnt how to share by watching you constantly share the little you have, not bearing in mind how hungry you will get a few hours from then. You make me laugh a lot more than i need to, its so much fun to be around you and just like birds , no matter how high we fly we always come down eventually.
                        We are strikers in this field of friendship and it was never our intention to score for another team. We have fought a lot in the past even Didi and Dexter had nothing on us. I could have sworn I would never stand by you yet here we are, here we are holding hands.
                        Got you in serious trouble in the past and so have you, I have lied for you,  you have lied for me, always defend you when you're in the wrong never want harm to come your way and you have done the same for me. You stand by me, i stand by you, you fight for me, I fight for you, this is a battle field and we decide when to cease fire it's who we are, when we do drink and you slap me, i slap you back, you yell at me, i yell at you and when it's all said and done we just hug it out.
                            Never thought I would have a friend like you, I consider you to be my trophy, my favorite cup of tea. To my father up in heaven, I thank you for my dear friend I know she isn't  perfect, neither am I, thank you for allowing the days of your lives to lie ahead as we enjoy the gift of friendship that you have thrust upon us.

                                             "To God be the Glory"
                                          I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.

Do you hear me?

                             I want to get rid of you so bad, you occupy the biggest space in my heart yet your so useless, I hate you.  I hate thinking about you, no matter how hard I try to escape from you, am like a child craved for and sought after to you. You find me and you hold me in your hands to the point of no breath, you suffocate me, you stalk and you squash me as I melt in anguish. why don't you just leave me alone already? Haven't I made it clear enough?  I don't need you, your so self centered. 
                         Tears always try to make their way down my cheeks when I think about you, because you make me sad, you lower my self esteem as you remind me of my dark side. I just want to be happy,  but you won't let me,  you always hover around, looking for new ways of creeping back into my life. Despite all my efforts to distance myself from you like an angry Pit-Bull, you assail me, ripping out  the smallest joy I have in my life, my close friends you push away whom by the way don't come easy considering my level of introversion and damn it! The good ones are hard to come by.
                         When I do succeed in beating you in this battle, I feel free like a bird. I stretch out my wings. Souring in the clear blue sky and savoring every breath of fresh air. I feel a wake, alive and blessed,  I cannot hold back my bliss as my face blossoms, my mouth curves into a smile without me noticing, I say to my friends "hello, how are you? How have you been?  How is your beautiful life? "I cannot stop singing, I enjoy every moment of freedom I get,  you cannot start to imagine the enormous amount of joy I feel.

                       Then. Like a magician,  you cast your dark spell upon me, flipping my moods and you remind me that I might have won the battle but war is coming.  I feel terrified because I hate the way you make me feel, God please help me I don't want to be a captive in my own body but the pathetic thing is when your gone too long. I start to miss you and when you're around for a slight second or a few minutes I enjoy your silence,  your presence feels like sweet cold juice on a sunny day, you make me discover my true self . I`m happy only if your around for a slight second not days, not months and God forbid you're around for years.
                              I need you but not that much, I think about the few moments I will be able to spend with you,  but that thought never lasts a minute in my head, it's like you don't exist in my life yet you do. You do. I cannot block you out completely,  you always come back two times stronger,  you make me vulnerable to the point of hiding away from everyone let alone my hobbies, only to confront the empty side of my bed, you occasionally give me this peculiar comfort, yes that's true but only to a certain degree.
                                 That said, let me assure you SOLITUDE. You might be the captain of this ship today but tomorrow I will get rid of you whichever way necessary,  I will get rid of every thought of you in my life and I will love to hear myself say these words "there's a new sheriff in town, her name "JOY " and she will sort you out. 

                              I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.

That feeling in your heart..

  Exhilarating, delirious and perhaps pain is what you may feel
when you love her truly that your heart can't help but skip at that very thought, goose pimples make their way upon your delicate skin with your soft lips curving into a smile. Knowing that same energy is reciprocated, makes every effort worthwhile as it triggers a rather peculiar excitement in you continuously as though you are touched by an angel of love.

      She may possess a couple of unpleasant traits
 however their some that can't go unnoticed as they keep you on your toes, she understands you so well to know when to give you your own space when your angry, in a bid for you to calm down, knows what to say to put that irresistible smile on your face and you know your best
interests are taken at heart and you just love the way she carries herself.

 She crosses your mind more often than
 you can possibly fathom and it becomes scary at times as you feel too emotionally invested however its worth every risk as you would desire not, to leave any room for chance to have its way because the very thought of loosing her to another is far more excruciating.

              The eyes are beautifully shaped and gorgeous
 to look into as you get lost in them and all your troubles and tribulations are forgotten for a moment because it feels like everything around you has frozen as you can't hear the sound of anyone's voice for all that matters then is her, what a joy!

                        The scent of that cologne which stays lingering in the air
every time she`s in your presence, ignites the blissful smallest of feelings inside of you when having a rough day or not, as it feels so real because you can actually smell her presence and your heart starts to race all over again as though you were seeing her for the very first time, as your eyes continuously blossom every time you encounter.

             The feel of her soft hands upon your delicate skin
every time she attempts to caress, leaves you hysterical and eager for more. The warmth of that body next to yours as she hugs you blows your mind as though you are intoxicated by marijuana.
               Then comes that thrill of those soft lips gently touching yours,
 as you are inclined to taste them and you find yourself lost in the moment as you wouldn't want to stop. Every time you encounter the same situation it feels fresh, new and just as exciting as the first time, when you spend some time without talking or perhaps she travels, you start to feel a certain type of way as though your world is crumbling down because you miss her a whole lot, then comes that moment when you finally meet and your face brightens up like a firework , oh what a feeling!!

    Not forgetting the smallest however most relevant,
 that smile that brightens up her face, leaving you gazing as though a spell had been cast upon you, as you start to hear the sound of your own heart pumping so quick and words simply 
couldn't explain how you feel deep inside.

                     Words escaping her lips while engaging in a dialogue,
 leave you baffled as you feel like jumping out of your own skin, so that you can actually witness that scene from a distance because it feels too good to be true. For you desire the whole world  know she belongs to you and that`s when it finally hits you that you are in love and indeed there`s truly a God who cares about your happiness. For all you have ever desired in life, is to fill that void in your heart. So if that isn't love then I don't know what that is.
I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.