Tuesday, 10 November 2015

That feeling in your heart..

  Exhilarating, delirious and perhaps pain is what you may feel
when you love her truly that your heart can't help but skip at that very thought, goose pimples make their way upon your delicate skin with your soft lips curving into a smile. Knowing that same energy is reciprocated, makes every effort worthwhile as it triggers a rather peculiar excitement in you continuously as though you are touched by an angel of love.

      She may possess a couple of unpleasant traits
 however their some that can't go unnoticed as they keep you on your toes, she understands you so well to know when to give you your own space when your angry, in a bid for you to calm down, knows what to say to put that irresistible smile on your face and you know your best
interests are taken at heart and you just love the way she carries herself.

 She crosses your mind more often than
 you can possibly fathom and it becomes scary at times as you feel too emotionally invested however its worth every risk as you would desire not, to leave any room for chance to have its way because the very thought of loosing her to another is far more excruciating.

              The eyes are beautifully shaped and gorgeous
 to look into as you get lost in them and all your troubles and tribulations are forgotten for a moment because it feels like everything around you has frozen as you can't hear the sound of anyone's voice for all that matters then is her, what a joy!

                        The scent of that cologne which stays lingering in the air
every time she`s in your presence, ignites the blissful smallest of feelings inside of you when having a rough day or not, as it feels so real because you can actually smell her presence and your heart starts to race all over again as though you were seeing her for the very first time, as your eyes continuously blossom every time you encounter.

             The feel of her soft hands upon your delicate skin
every time she attempts to caress, leaves you hysterical and eager for more. The warmth of that body next to yours as she hugs you blows your mind as though you are intoxicated by marijuana.
               Then comes that thrill of those soft lips gently touching yours,
 as you are inclined to taste them and you find yourself lost in the moment as you wouldn't want to stop. Every time you encounter the same situation it feels fresh, new and just as exciting as the first time, when you spend some time without talking or perhaps she travels, you start to feel a certain type of way as though your world is crumbling down because you miss her a whole lot, then comes that moment when you finally meet and your face brightens up like a firework , oh what a feeling!!

    Not forgetting the smallest however most relevant,
 that smile that brightens up her face, leaving you gazing as though a spell had been cast upon you, as you start to hear the sound of your own heart pumping so quick and words simply 
couldn't explain how you feel deep inside.

                     Words escaping her lips while engaging in a dialogue,
 leave you baffled as you feel like jumping out of your own skin, so that you can actually witness that scene from a distance because it feels too good to be true. For you desire the whole world  know she belongs to you and that`s when it finally hits you that you are in love and indeed there`s truly a God who cares about your happiness. For all you have ever desired in life, is to fill that void in your heart. So if that isn't love then I don't know what that is.
I remain yours truly Kahunde Sarah.